Samyung Marine Radar SMR-3700

Merk :

Samyung – Korea

Tipe :

10.4″ LCD Color Screen


Deskripsi :

• 10.4” LCD VGA TFT LCD Vertical Display
• Dome-type antenna
• Overlay with AIS Target
• Superior ability to display closed range targets
• Able to interface with AIS and target display
• Able to zoom in the special target area for use’s selection
• Able to choose brightness of color in 10 levels for navigation at night
• Can choose the screen color within white, yellow, green.
• Adopted 8 directions key to make cursor move with speed
• Can set up the range in many ways the user needed
• Intermittent Tx mode: can operate with low electric consumption
• Can move scr center point and observe the long distance of the desired direction
• Power Supply: 24V DC 7A
• Consist of: (Main unit SMR-3700, Scanner RSU-3700, Installation Materials,
Instruction Manual